Empowering our Black Communities with the right resources

Education is the foundation for change. At BLM New Brunswick we are working to create positive change for our people to be inclusive, progressive and forward thinking. 

Our BLM skills platform provides an ecosystem whereby black communities and individuals can access a robust development system that supports personal and professional advancements.

Individuals and Communities across New Brunswick can access programs such as mental well-being, career development,  resources that support actively dismantle all forms of anti-black racism through: liberating blackness, recognizing growth in black excellence, supporting black healing, affirming black existence, to create freedom to love, self- determine and to help offer education to those who seek it.

Change starts with each one of us.

BLM-NB supports the Complexity of Work and Personal Growth

The transformation of the digital world has had an impact on an increasing number of new job roles being introduced across Canada. We are focused on ensuring that each person’s unique skills development journey is properly supported based on this evolving landscape. 

As each person will have their own experiences, knowledge and skills to support these changes, so it is important to first understand their individual skills gap for the job role for the career they are starting. By understanding their baseline skills, we can individuals with a recommended learning path giving them the best chance of success.   

Supporting Communities

Work Integrated Learning

Ecosystem Management

We are supporting our communities

BLM-NB is supporting our communities in advancing their skills to be job ready. We help youth, students, the underemployed and unemployed get access to the skills development tools and resources they need to tap into the opportunities across the country.
BLM-NB’s Skills Management System includes assessments, learning management and a skills development ecosystem that provides access to ready-made and customizable content. Through access to the right resources, we help provide you with the opportunities to become leaders within our communities and our country. 

Digital Skills + Essential Skills + Soft Skills = Career Growth


Skill, Reskill, Upskill
Features Pay-as-you go!
  • 3,700+ Curated Courses
  • Essential, Soft, Technical... Skill library
  • 200+ Learning Categories
  • 800+ Job Role Accessments
  • 1,000+ Subject Assessments
  • 200+ Integration Options
  • Fully Loaded Cloud-Based LMS
  • SCORM, Video, PDF, Audio
  • Tests, Quizzes, Surveys, Polls
  • Build Customized Courses
  • Fully Customizable
  • Gamifcation, Certifcation
  • Offline, Online and Blended
  • Individual Branded Platforms
  • Integrated Training Network
  • Collaboration Engine
  • Multilingual User-Interface
  • Flexible, Scalable Platform
  • Automation, Robust Reporting
  • Admin, Instructor, Learner Rights
  • Communication Engine
  • Mobile (Android and iOS)
  • Documents and Resources library
  • Security, Compliance
  • Learning Paths, Self-Paced
  • Scheduling System
  • Unlimited Utility

Focus on your people!

Saving money, time and getting results!
Benefits No commitments, no advance payments
  • Learn within one system
  • Growing library to support your needs
  • Supporting all your departments
  • Understand employee skills gaps for roles
  • Understand skills gaps for tasks
  • Integrate with any HR systems
  • Easy! No downloads, automatic updates
  • Flexible supporting most formats
  • Distribute your own testing
  • Build your own courses, easy!
  • Make it your own, completely
  • Make learning more fun
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Each Company has their own platform
  • Managing / supporting all Communities
  • Share courses, successes, files
  • Users choose their language preference
  • Easy to manage the system
  • Efficiencies and transparencies built in
  • Choose levels of access
  • Chats, emails, notifications made easy
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Share, support all types of materials
  • Everyone is fully protected
  • Prebuilt paths, develop your own
  • Host and schedule training & webinars
  • A robust system for all your needs

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